Limited Lifetime Warranty

New Look Refacing (the Contractor) will warranty its installed products and/or installed components to be free from defects in materials and workmanship. The Contractor will repair or replace at no charge any installed products and/or components that are defective for as long as the original Buyer owns the home (and only at the address where the Contractor products and/or components were originally installed) within a reasonable period of time. NOTE: This lifetime warranty does not extend to granite products. Granite products are covered by a one year installation only warranty.
All claims must be supported by the original Contractual Agreement (original document confirms home ownership and is the only allowed proof of purchase). The Buyer must register Contractor installed products and/or components on line at (go to the warranty registration tab) within ten (10) days of the completed installation and/or final payment. Buyer’s failure to register on-line voids all warranties. Warranty only applies to Contractor installed products and/or components. Non-Contractor installed products and/or components are NOT covered by this warranty. Warranty covers repair or replacement of product only. Contractor liability will not exceed the invoiced amount of the product.
Exclusions include (but are not limited to): Abuse, misuse, negligence, chemical abuse, normal wear and tear (including but not limited to dents, scratches, scuffs, nicks, surface weathering, etc.), excessive heat, excessive cold, damage, accidents, or acts of God. The Contractor reserves the right in its sole discretion to determine whether there has been any product or component misuse. Any repairs attempted by the Buyer voids all warranties. Deviation from the Buyer endorsed “Care and Keeping” form voids all warranties. Contractor requires damaged products and/or components to be returned. Failure to return defective products and/or components voids the warranty. New Look Refacing’s products and/or components (natural wood and engineered veneer cabinet products, natural and engineered stone products) have variations in the following: color, tone, granularity, patterns, polishing irregularities, deposits, veins, pores, fissures, size, shape, density, shade, and texture. Said variations of any Contractor installed product and/or component will be considered normal and not construed as a defect. New Look Refacing’s stone is not a seamless product. Seams can be felt to the touch, are visible, and have a tolerance of 1/32″ to 1/8″.
Replacement products and/or components may result in a variance in comparison to those originally installed. This variance is not indicative of a defect. The Contractor reserves the right to substitute such products and/or components. The Contractor will make every effort to closely match, in color and style, those products and components replaced by warranty. However, no guarantee of exact interchangeability is offered or promised in this warranty.
This warranty is transferrable one (1) time only. All warranty terms apply once the warranty is transferred. The transferred warranty will be in effect for a maximum of ten (10) years (from the date of warranty transfer). The original Buyer must transfer ownership on-line at (go to warranty registration tab – warranty transfer) within ten (10) days of the new Buyer’s completed home sale closing. The NEW Buyer must contact Contractor to schedule an in-home meeting to review and sign the “Care and Keeping” form and to complete a home ownership warranty transfer form. Failure to transfer ownership on-line and complete an in-home meeting voids all warranties.