What is Naturastone?

by mrjimcooper@hotmail.com, March 9, 2015

NaturaStone is a 6mm thick 100% Quartz Surfacing material combining a stunningly beautiful look with exceptional durability. NaturaStone can be readily applied to an infinite variety of residential (and commercial) projects. NaturaStone can be installed as an overlay counter-top or a complete custom designed shower.


NaturaStone was developed and manufactured in Australia. It is manufactured through a propriety formulation and processing technique. This unique Australian manufacturing facility produces the most advanced and toughest quartz surface. Over 90% natural quartz is combined with a high performance acrylic polymer. A multi filament glass mesh is encapsulated within the slab as additional reinforcement. NaturaStone slabs are Diamond polished to a hard wearing lustrous gloss finish. NaturaStone slabs can also be supplied in a honed matt finish.

Kitchen and Bathroom Counter-tops, Back-Splashes, and Grout-less Quartz Showers – Incredibly Durable, Stunningly Beautiful, and Environmentally Friendly – There really are no limits to what NaturaStone can do for your home or business.



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