Why Groutless Stone Showers and Tub Installations?


Here are just a few of the reasons every homeowner should consider investing in a brand new 100% all natural ForzaStone® grout-less shower by New Look Refacing and More, Inc.

#1) There are now over 100,000,000 bathrooms in the US. The average home now has 2 ½ bathrooms while the master bath, over the last ten (10) years, has tripled in size.  Homeowners and new home buyers are customizing and personalizing their bathroom space with a wide variety of surfaces, colors, styles, and products. Accordingly, more time is being spent in bathrooms than ever before. More and more people are opting to transform their daily bathroom and shower routine into a new and exciting experience.

#2) With over 2,100,000 bathroom remodels being done each year, today’s bathrooms are now the #2 area of the home to be renovated and upgraded, second only to the kitchen.

#3) New Look Refacing’s all natural ForzaStone® showers are designed to bring beauty and value to your home. Our ForzaStone® showers offer a new way to create one-of-a-kind designs with gorgeous slabs of natural stone and an array of custom stone accessories.

#4) New Look Refacing’s ForzaStone® products are designed for easy installation and    on-site customization that provides the high-end look clients want at a fraction of the cost of heavy thick slabs or other natural materials. Also, because ForzaStone® panels are so lightweight and easy to handle, they only require a fraction of the installation time of other products.

#5) New Look Refacing’s ForzaStone® is natural quarried stone that is cut to a thin 5mm and reinforced with aluminum alloy and plastic composite for a total thickness of 9mm. ForzaStone® uses 75% to 83% LESS stone and is 800% stronger than a 3 cm thick slab.

#6) Because New Look Refacing’s ForzaStone® panels are made of natural stone they won’t fade or discolor over time (all ForzaStone® is UV safe). Each panel features soft colors and natural stone veins making each stone section truly one-of-a-kind.

#7) New Look Refacing’s ForzaStone® panels are grout-less and waterproof. They naturally repel mold and mildew and are amazingly easy to clean and maintain.

#8) New Look Refacing’s ForzaStone® panels aren’t just for showers. This incredibly versatile lightweight, durable product can be used to upgrade and transform the look, feel, and appearance of tubs, Jacuzzi’s, steam rooms, and more.

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